Using GOV.UK Pay

Anyone in the public sector can use GOV.UK Pay to take online payments.

It only takes minutes to get set up with GOV.UK Pay.

Then you can:

  • take payments using debit cards, credit cards or digital wallets
  • give full or partial refunds
  • switch Payment Service Providers, for free, when you choose
  • use custom branding on your payment pages

GOV.UK Pay is ideal if you currently take payments using paper forms, by email or if you have an online service.

Create an account for free and try it yourself.

What GOV.UK Pay offers

Payment Service Provider

You need a Payment Service Provider (PSP) to process payments. We’ve already procured Stripe as our payment provider for you. Or, you can bring your own contract with Worldpay, Barclays ePDQ or Smartpay.

If you ever want to switch PSPs you can do that without any additional technical work.


Provide full or partial refunds to your users for free


3D Secure 2 is available on all payments taken on GOV.UK Pay.


Download transaction reports about all your payments on GOV.UK Pay.

Custom branding

Customise your payment pages with your own logos and branding.

Send emails to users

GOV.UK Pay can automatically send emails to your users. For example, to confirm:

  • payments
  • refunds

Manage your team

Control what your team members can see and do and remove them if they leave your organisation.

Standards and support

GOV.UK Pay has been tested against all relevant government accessibility and usability standards. It’s also:

  • PCI compliant
  • supported 24/7 by the team at the Government Digital Service
  • offered with extensive developer documentation

How to use GOV.UK Pay

Use GOV.UK Pay to:

  • instantly set up a payment page on GOV.UK
  • integrate with our API and generate customised payment pages for your service

Use GOV.UK if you currently collect payment on paper or by email.

Integrating with our API may be better if you have an online service and you need, for example, to delay payments or issue a lot of refunds.