Here’s a list of the new functionality we’re planning to offer through GOV.UK Pay.

This roadmap is only a guide and may change. We work in 3-monthly cycles.

Recently released

  • Make it easier to reconcile transactions by using metadata
  • Prepopulate transaction details
  • Support for Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Apply custom branding to payment links
  • Payment links in Welsh
  • Return Provider ID in API searches

April to June 2019

In progress

  • Launch Direct Debit service

July to September 2019

  • Support for 3D Secure 2.0
  • Improve conversion rates on our payment pages
  • Reporting for telephone payments
  • Transaction reporting across multiple services
  • Push reporting to services - webhooks for Direct Debit and card payments, scheduled CSVs delivered to a secure location


  • Recurring card payments
  • Scheduled Direct Debit
  • Telephone payments
  • Chip and pin payments

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