Here’s a list of the new functionality we’re planning to offer through GOV.UK Pay.

This roadmap is a only a guide and may change from month to month.

January to March 2018

  • Operability improvements: Introduce AWS ECS for application deployments - DONE
  • Direct Debit: One-off payments - DONE
  • Self service payments: ad-hoc payments for offline services - DONE
  • Refunds reporting and improved payment states - DONE
  • 3DSecure for EPDQ and Smartpay - DONE

April to June 2018

  • Operability, support & better use of data
  • Direct Debit: recurring 'on demand' payments

July 2018 to March 2019

  • Self service payments: get invoices paid online
  • Reporting for telephone payments
  • Notifications and webhooks for Direct Debit and phone payments
  • Payment experience and API improvements (Pre-populate billing address and email, refund email to paying users, add fields for financially regulated organisations)
  • New information architecture for multiple payment types, efficiency improvements to our connector microservice
  • Reporting across multiple accounts and payment types
  • Refined permissions for staff users, create platform admin console
  • Repeat card payments


  • Support for eWallets
  • Support for Pay via Bank Account (PSD2)
  • Enable services to publish and sell from a product catalogue
  • Foreign currency and language support

Queries and suggestions

If you want to find out more about these features, or have some needs that GOV.UK Pay isn’t yet meeting, please get in touch with us by emailing or chat with us in our cross-government Slack channel.