Here’s a list of the new and improved functionality we’re planning to offer through GOV.UK Pay.

This roadmap is only a guide and may change. We work in 3-monthly cycles.

Recently released

  • 3D Secure 2 support for Worldpay and ePDQ
  • View payments Stripe has made into your bank account
  • View and download all transactions from GOV.UK Pay services in one report
  • Add reporting columns to payment links, e.g. cost centre codes
  • CSV download limit increased from 10,000 to 100,000 transactions
  • Making it easier to handle card payments taken by agents over the phone (also known as MOTO payments)
  • Making GOV.UK Pay more accessible for users
  • Trialling PCI advice sessions (contact us if you want more information)
  • Implementing service level objectives

July to September 2020

This quarter we’re focusing on work that improves the experience for paying users and service users of Pay, as well as work that supports GOV.UK Pay’s growth and makes it more efficient to run. This includes:

  • Making it easier to manage multiple services in Pay
  • Making Stripe payout reports available via the API
  • Conducting an accessibility audit with the Digital Accessibility Centre
  • Making error messages and field validation more helpful for paying users
  • Supporting Welsh-language users to make a payment and receive a receipt

We’re also working on:

  • Making GOV.UK Pay’s infrastructure run even more efficiently by moving to GOV.UK Platform as a Service and increasing observability of service performance
  • Working with Government Shared Services, Government Finance Function and Government Banking to make it easier for central government teams to start using Pay
  • Working with the MHCLG-funded alpha, led by Barnsley Council, into how to make income management easier in local government


  • Automated phone payments (IVR) pilot
  • Support for processing and reporting on payments made via a call centre supplier
  • Open Banking research and discovery
  • Discovery into recurring payments
  • Improved support for services managing invoices

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