Direct Debit on GOV.UK Pay

You can set up and take Direct Debit payments using GOV.UK Pay.

If you’d like to set up Direct Debit, contact to be one of our pilot partners.

Direct Debit functionality is not currently available to the NHS or central government departments in England. Contact GOV.UK Pay if you’d like to know more.

How Direct Debit works

We’ve made the process as simple as possible, so:

  • the user goes online to set up a Direct Debit with you
  • GOV.UK Pay sets up the Direct Debit automatically with the Direct Debit supplier
  • all payments are handled by GOV.UK Pay with no manual involvement required
  • GOV.UK Pay will send updates to your own system, for instance about mandates confirmed/cancelled or payments paid/failed etc

GOV.UK Pay is fully compliant with the Direct Debit guarantee.

Benefits of Direct Debit on GOV.UK Pay

Easier to start taking Direct Debits

Getting started is easy:

  • we have procured GoCardless as our Direct Debit supplier, which means you don’t need your own contract with a supplier
  • you’ll have minimal additional integration if using GOV.UK Pay
  • you‘ll have a centrally negotiated rate
  • you’ll go live within 48 hours

Get your money faster

You can set up to take payment more quickly:

  • take the first payment in 3 days instead of 10
  • 2 working days notification for subsequent payments instead of 10 to 14 days

Reduce costs and failure rates

Direct Debit on GOV.UK Pay provides:

  • a simpler pricing model which means you only pay for successful transactions and your monthly Service User Number (SUN) cost
  • free set up for mandates
  • 99.5% of Direct Debit payments are processed successfully
  • real time information, you can query the status of a payment or mandate at any time in your account
  • reduced workload for staff because of greater automation

Managed and automated processes

Direct Debits on GOV.UK Pay is largely automated, including:

  • one system to manage all payments, whether by Direct Debit or card
  • the set up of mandates
  • all mandatory notifications to users

How to use Direct Debit

You can use Direct Debit for 3 different types of payment:

  • one off payments (useful if you want to keep transaction fees for individual payments low)
  • on-demand payments - allow you to collect any amount at any time (useful for invoicing/ billing or when you’re taking different amounts each month)
  • subscriptions (useful for regular payments)

Get started with Direct Debit

Contact with questions about Direct Debit or how to start taking Direct Debit payments on GOV.UK Pay.