GOV.UK Pay puts small files (known as ‘cookies’) on to your computer.

Cookies are used to:

  • secure your payment session
  • remember the notifications you’ve seen so we don’t show them again

Cookies are also used to remember any government users who’ve signed in to our payments admin tool.

You’ll normally see a message on the site before we store a cookie on your computer.

Find out how to manage cookies.

Card payment session

If you pay for a government service using a credit or debit card, GOV.UK Pay uses cookies to keep your payment session secure.

Name Purpose Expires
frontend_session_2 We use this to secure your payment session 3 hours
session We use this to secure your payment session 1 hour

Our introductory message

You may see a pop-up welcome message when you first visit GOV.UK Pay. We’ll store a cookie so that your computer knows you’ve seen it and knows not to show it again.

Name Purpose Expires
seen_cookie_message Saves a message to let us know that you have seen our cookie message 1 month

GOV.UK Pay admin tool

Only government service owners can access the payments admin tool. It’s used to manage, and report on, payments.

Name Purpose Expires
session Remembers if you’ve signed in recently 3 hours
gateway_account Remembers the gateway account you last used, if you've signed in before 1 month
register_invite Remembers your registration progress if you’ve been invited 1 hour