Payment links

Payment links allow your service to receive online payments from your users. You don’t need to have a digital service to use payment links.

You can add a payment link to paper forms, letters or emails - or wherever you’d like your users to see it.

Benefits of using online payments

Online payments are 4 times more cost effective than offline methods, like cheques, money orders and cash payments.

By using payment links your service can:

  • speed up payment processes - you’ll be able to receive payments and issue refunds much quicker
  • reduce human error and have fewer manual processes, like taking card payments over the phone
  • receive fewer cheques, BACS and cash payments

Setting up a payment link

A payment link is quick and easy to set up and is ready to use right away. You don’t need any technical knowledge to create a payment link. You can create a payment link for a single user or make it reusable for all your users.

Example of creating a payment link and how the title is used to generate the payment link website address.

Add the payment link where your users can see it, like in a paper form, letter or email - or even on your website.

Examples of a payment link on a paper form or on an email.

When your users access your payment link, they’ll be able to make an online card payment. Your users will receive a payment reference number and a confirmation email. You can use your own payment reference number or let us create one for you.

Example of the payment amount and confirmation pages of the payment link user journey.

Get started with payment links

Use our guide to getting started to create an account. Or contact the team for more information.