You can use GOV.UK Pay to take online card and Direct Debit payments.

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Card payments and payment links

You can set up payment pages that look like your digital service to take credit and debit card payments.

If you do not have a digital service, or you do not want to use our API, you can use payment links instead.

Payment links are pages on GOV.UK. They’re easy to set up and you can customise them with a friendly URL. Payment links are useful if you usually ask for payments by sending letters or emails.

Find out more about payment links.

Let users pay by Direct Debit

Set up Direct Debit mandates for regular, one-off or variable payments. GOV.UK Pay will verify users’ bank account details for you.

Free to use

There are no costs for using GOV.UK Pay, but Payment Service Providers (PSPs) will charge a transaction fee for payments.

Take payments securely

GOV.UK Pay complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). We use established Payment Service Providers to process payments.

You can also choose to use 3D Secure authentication, such as Verified by Visa, to help prevent fraud.

Choose your Payment Service Provider

GOV.UK Pay uses the following PSPs:

  • Worldpay Corporate Gateway
  • Barclays ePDQ
  • Barclays Smartpay/Adyen

You can use an existing contract, set up a new one, or switch PSPs without additional technical work.

Manage payments and reports

GOV.UK Pay allows you to:

  • check the status of transactions
  • download transaction reports
  • give full or partial refunds

You can also integrate your current income management systems with our API.

Send emails to users

GOV.UK Pay can send emails to your users. For example, to confirm:

  • payments
  • refunds
  • Direct Debit mandates

Emails are sent using GOV.UK Notify.

Manage your team

Control what your team members can see and do. For example, you can:

  • change permission levels for each team member
  • invite new team members - including people without a government email address
  • remove users that have left your team

Customise your branding

Add your organisation’s branding to payment pages and emails instead of using the GOV.UK Pay logo.

Welsh translations

Use the GOV.UK Pay API to display Welsh translations of your payment pages.

Use our API

You can use our modern RESTful API for straightforward integration.

Find out how to integrate with GOV.UK Pay.

Technical support

GOV.UK Pay provides technical support from 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We also provide out-of-hours support for critical incidents.

Queries and suggestions

If you want to find out more about these features, or have some needs that GOV.UK Pay isn’t yet meeting, please get in touch with us by emailing govuk-pay-support@digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk or chat with us in our cross-government Slack channel.